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Silversteen Playground:  History, Vision, Facts


History:  In 1969 the family of Joseph Silversteen donated approximately 1.5 acres of land to the Rosenwald Community for the creation of a playground.  Joseph Silversteen had been the first industrialist in Transylvania County owning and operating a lumber company and several tanneries, including the Transylvania Tanning Company which was located in the Rosenwald area of Brevard.  The Silversteen Playground soon became an important part of the community and oversight and care of the playground was managed by Bethel A Baptist Church. The playground was just down the hill from the Mary C. Jenkins Community Center, another key community asset.

However, over time both the community center and the playground needed extensive repairs and upgrades.  These costs were beyond the ability of the community to absorb.  In 2018 the Mary C. Jenkins Community Center Board of Directors voted to donate the center to the City of Brevard. A joint task force consisting of the City of Brevard and Mary C. Jenkins Community Center representatives was created to work on designing and funding a new center.

In August 2019, Bethel A Baptist Church donated the Silversteen playground and the adjoining parking area to the City of Brevard with the understanding that the city would take over maintenance and upgrade of the facility.  One of the reasons for the donation was the increasing erosion along Norton Creek which forms the boundary of the playground and the need for extensive restoration efforts. The Mary C. Jenkins Community Center Task Force took on the responsibility to work on a new playground plan.

Design of the new community center was completed in 2020.  Construction is due to begin in March 2021 with an estimated completion date of March 2022.  The estimated cost of the $2M project is funded by the City of Brevard.  Additional funding will need to be raised to fully equip the facility. Once completed this facility will provide a much needed community meeting facility. In conjunction with the new community center the Task Force also designed the new playground based on input from the Rosenwald community. 

Vision: The new community center, revised parking area, and new playground are all located in close proximity to each other and are on the path of the Estatoe bike/pedestrian trail.  The donation of this land valued at approximately $170K by the Rosenwald Community makes the creation of this new community enhancement possible.  The partnership between Bethel A Baptist Church, The Mary C. Jenkins Task Force and the City of Brevard continues to work to ensure that these facilities are designed, constructed and ultimately maintained so that residents and visitors alike can enjoy them.

What:  The City of Brevard in partnership with Bethel A Baptist Church and the Mary C Jenkins Community Center Task Force has begun the project to upgrade the Silversteen Playground.  The design of the playground has been completed (see below). The playground will consist of new play equipment, a basketball court, a splash pad, a covered picnic area, restoration of the entrance archway/sign and fencing.

How:  This project will be realized through a combination of city resources, city funding and private and corporate contributions.  Once completed it will be owned, insured, maintained and operated by the City of Brevard.  A capital fundraising campaign is now underway to collect donations through a variety of sponsorship and donations mechanisms.

How Much: Cost for the playground is estimated at $320,000.  The City of Brevard has contributed $225K to the project which will fund the first three pieces of playground equipment and the basketball court.  Grants, public donations and sponsorships will make up the balance of the funding required.  This estimate does not include the funding for stream restoration/mitigation.  This effort is being addressed by the City of Brevard through federal grant funding.

When:  Construction of the first phase of the playground began in December 2020.  As additional funding becomes available more assets will be added.  

How You Can Help:  Donations to support the playground can be made by check to City of Brevard with Silversteen Playground in the memo line and mailed to Planning Dept, City of Brevard, 95 West Main St, Brevard, NC 28712.  

Individual and corporate sponsorships at various levels are also available.  For more information go to   To get involved and help with the project contact City Councilwoman Maureen Copelof at: