Building Brevard: 2030 Comprehensive Land Use Plan

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We are just beginning Brevard’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update. This plan will guide decisions on infrastructure, housing, land use, economic development, and many more topic areas for the next decade. Take the survey before December 15th to provide input on the vision for Brevard’s future.



planning process

City Council, the Planning Board, and Planning Department staff, with assistance from Blue Zones Project - Brevard and volunteers, are in the process of combining and updating several existing long-range planning documents that are used to guide growth and development in the City of Brevard. These plans include:

Focus 2020 Community Report

2002 Land Use Plan

2015 Comprehensive Plan (Part 2: Plan Elements)*

*Citizens, the Planning Board, and City Council provided input to help Staff and a consultant create a DRAFT 2014 Comprehensive Plan. When the 2015 plan was adopted, it was condensed and did not include an updated Land Use Map.

Steering Committee Task Force

City Staff are looking for interested individuals and organizations to provide feedback throughout the Comprehensive Land Use Plan update process. For more information, please contact the City of Brevard Planning Department at or at (828) 885-5630.