Building Brevard: 2030 Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Project overview

The City of Brevard is in the process of updating our Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This plan will fulfill state requirements for an up-to-date comprehensive plan. It will be a long-range plan with goals and objectives that will guide future land development, the expenditure of public funds, cooperative efforts, and address emerging issues of concern.

This webpage will be used to keep you informed throughout the project on upcoming meetings, useful information, and ways you can get involved and voice your opinions on how to plan for Brevard’s future!


The plan will be discussed at multiple meetings of Planning Board and City Council, all of which are open to the public and allow for public comments. We welcome and encourage your attendance and participation at these meetings!

Next meeting: City Council, Tuesday, February 6, 2023, 5:30PM, Council Chambers of City Hall

Draft plan document

Public participation, input, and feedback are essential to this effort to ensure that the plan reflects the vision, principles, and interests of community members. We welcome and encourage the public to comment on the draft plan document.


Plan process flow chart

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Anticipated Project Schedule

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