COVID-19 Information

City Announcements and resolutions

August 16, 2021:

Res 2021-37 Support of CDC Guidelines for Layered Approach to to Stopping and Slowing Spread of Covid19 Delta Variant

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Effective today, August 5, 2021, the City of Brevard is requiring that face masks be worn in all City Buildings by both employees and visitors.  Per the Transylvania Department of Health and Human Services, Transylvania County is a “high transmission area” and they strongly suggest use of masks to prevent not only COVID-19 but also the highly contagious Delta variant.

February 15, 2021:

Res 2021-09 Requesting Increased COVID19 Allotment to Serve Transylvania County's High Ratio of Persons Over Age 65

june 29, 2020:

Res 2020-22 Resolution in Support of Governors Executive Order to Wear Face Coverings

May 18, 2020:

Res 2020-12 Authorizing a Special Event Designed to Help Downtown Businesses ReOpening When Allowed by the Governors Order

Vaccine Information

The Transylvania County Health Department is handling the distribution of the vaccine in Brevard. Please go to for more information.


The City of Brevard wants to know your thoughts and comments on the City initiatives to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. These responses include but are not limited to the curbside pickup signs, public dining areas, and the 

COVID-19 Use Permit. Submit feedback.


On Friday, July 17, the City will install eight curbside pickup signs throughout the Heart of Brevard district. The Downtown Master Plan Committee determined these locations based on information provided by Heart of Brevard about the current trends of curbside pickup according to downtown merchants. The locations of these signs will be evaluated for two weeks after placement and may be moved based on feedback.

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Resources for citizens

The number one thing to do at this time is to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. Use the following resources to keep up with the latest news and best practices:

As of June 17th Transylvania Public Health has been notified of 17 lab-confirmed cases and 1 death among Transylvania County residents. For more information about cases in North Carolina, visit the NC DHHS COVID-19 Case Count website. For more information about cases in the U.S., visit the CDC COVID-19 Case Count website.

North Carolina is taking a three-phased approach to reopening. This process is based on data from testing, contact tracing, and trends and in consultation with members of the business community. The goal is to lift restrictions in place to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and save lives while allowing life to begin to return to normalcy. Click here for more information on what Phase 2 means and the timeline for Phase 3.

Other helpful resources:

Resources for Businesses

Supporting local businesses is something we can all do right now. Links to resources, contacts, and information for local business owners are listed below. We also suggest you visit business resource pages from the Heart of Brevard and the Chamber of Commerce.


Businesses that would like to expand outdoors into both public and private spaces, please read through the City’s new COVID-19 Emergency Response Toolkit for Businesses. The Planning Department has compiled applicable information about how to expand your business to comply with COVID-19 capacity restrictions and social distancing guidelines. In particular, it lists what businesses are allowed to do without a permit and what needs the fee-free COVID-19 Use Permit. The Planning Department is happy to answer any questions and wants to work with businesses to adjust as quickly as possible during this time.

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Resources for Re-Opening Your Business

National Assistance

Other Assistance and Resources