System Development Fees

Water & Sewer Charges

The City of Brevard commissioned WR Martin to analyze their Water and Sewer System Development Fees (SDF) in accordance with a new law, the Public Water and Sewer System Development Fee Act (S.L. 2017-138), which clarifies a local government utility's authority to assess upfront charges for water and sewer. The new law grants local government utilities specific authority to assess one type of upfront charge-a system development fee - with some legal limitations.


System Development Fees are defined as one-time charges assessed against new development to recover a proportional share of the costs of capital facilities constructed to provide service capacity for new customers connecting to the water and sewer systems. This analysis focused on reviewing the latest available fixed asset information and debt service costs as of June 30, 2017, to determine the cost of capacity for the City, and on developing other assumptions necessary to establish appropriate fee levels for different types of customers using the American Water Works Association System Buy In approach.

Public Comment

The feedback form is no longer active. It was open for public comment for at least 45 days, per state law. Comments collected were submitted to the WR Martin for consideration of possible modifications or revisions. 

City Council

City Council held a public hearing on the proposed system development fee schedule at their May 21st meeting and held additional discussions at their Budget Work Session on June 4th. The system development fees were approved along with the FY 2018-2019 Budget & Fee Schedule at the June 18, 2018 City Council meeting.