Exempt Signs & Signs that Require No Permit

Exempt Signs

The following signs are exempt from the sign ordinance:

  • Governmental agency signs: Signs erected by a governmental agency to regulate, control or direct traffic including signs indicating bus stops, taxi stands, and similar transportation facilities. Such signs may be illuminated, flashing, or moving as required for public safety. Furthermore, signs erected by a governmental agency which convey information regarding a public service or the location of a public facility may also be illuminated as is necessary.
  • Signs required by law: Signs erected pursuant to federal, state, or local laws or ordinances.
  • Warning signs: Signs which warn of hazards to life, limb, and property such as high voltage electrical equipment, explosives and the like.
  • "No trespassing" signs: "No trespassing" signs not to exceed four square feet in surface area.

Signs Requiring No Permit

The following types of signs are permitted in any zoning district & do not require a permit, provided the stated requirements are met:

  • Temporary real estate signs: Temporary real estate signs advertising a specific piece of property for sale, lease, rent, or development, located on said property, provided such signs shall not exceed eight square feet in surface area per side of sign up to a maximum of 16 square feet of aggregate surface area. Signs shall not be illuminated and shall not exceed one per parcel of land unless such land is located at an intersection of two streets; in such case, two signs shall be allowed, one facing each street.
  • Signs on window glass: Signs on window glass, regardless of size.
  • Private traffic signs: Private, unofficial traffic signs not exceeding two square feet in surface area per side of sign up to a maximum of four square feet of aggregate surface area per sign, which indicate directions, entrances, and exits. Such signs are to be located entirely on the property to which they pertain, and shall not contain any advertising message.
  • Organization signs: Any flag, badge, insignia, or design customarily displayed by any governmental agency or government, or any charitable, civic, fraternal, patriotic, religious, or similar organization.
  • Political party headquarters signs: Signs for political party headquarters shall meet the requirements set forth for the district in which they are located.
  • Service station signs: Gasoline service stations or any businesses selling gasoline are allowed, in addition to other provisions of this ordinance, the following signs:
    • Price and self-service signs attached to gasoline pumps: Gasoline price/self-service signs located at and secured to each pump island and not exceeding nine square feet per side of sign. One gasoline price/self-service sign may be freestanding and located at a place other than the pump island, but must be on the business site and meet all other sign regulations. If such signs are freestanding signs, they shall not exceed 40 inches in height.
    • Brand name and grade signs: Each brand sign, emblem of the gasoline sold, the grade of gasoline and any other related signs shall not exceed nine square feet in total aggregate surface area for each pump island.
    • North Carolina inspections sign: A North Carolina inspections sign at any location on the business premises as long as said sign is not placed in any right-of-way. Said sign shall not exceed 40 inches in height.
  • Numbers and nameplates: House numbers and nameplates are permitted in accordance with Brevard City Code, Chapter 62, Article VII, Property Addressing and Road Naming.
  • Construction signs: One construction sign per construction project not exceeding 32 square feet of sign area in residential districts or 64 square feet in commercial or industrial districts, provided that such signs shall be erected no more than five days prior to the beginning of construction for which a valid building permit has been issued, shall be confined to the site of construction, and shall be removed five days after completion of construction and prior to occupancy.
  • Public notice: Official notices posted by public officers or employees in the performance of their duties.
  • Commemorative plaques: Commemorative plaques of recognized historic agencies or identification emblems of such agencies, provided that no plaque or emblem seal exceeds four square feet in area.
  • Nonprofit organization signs: Any sign erected by city personnel on behalf of a nonprofit organization sponsoring a one-time or annual event.
  • Public-owned ball field fence signs: Nonprofit organizations, i.e., local ball leagues, may sell advertising signage to merchants for attachment to ball field fences providing the following requirements are met:
    • Sign panels must be of uniform size and weather durable material and cannot exceed three feet by five feet in dimension.
    • Signage must be attached to the interior (ball field) of the chain link fencing, have advertising copy on only the interior (ball field) side of fencing and cannot be self-illuminated.
    • The back (exterior) side of the sign must be a dark solid green color and be uniform in color with all the other signs. All signs must be kept clean and in good repair.
    • Signage cannot exceed one per fence panel. Sign must be uniform in height.
    • Signage can be erected two weeks prior to the beginning of the ball season and must be taken down within two weeks from the conclusion of the season.
    • The city/county/state agency (owner) or tenant leasing the property will be responsible for installing and removing the signs.
  • Automobile and motorized vehicle dealer signs:
    • Automobile dealers and motorized vehicle dealers within commercial districts are allowed to attach to vehicles for sale small pennants, flags or balloons on antennas and/or twirl-ads on hoods/roofs.
    • Said devices shall not exceed two per vehicle; devices are less than three square feet in size; and devices are maintained and secured in a proper manner.
    • If a device is not secured or maintained to the satisfaction of the administrator such device shall be deemed a prohibited moving device and be immediately removed.