Sign Permitting Information

Over the last few months the Planning Department has noticed and received complaints about various sign violations throughout the City. Most commonly business owners place small, real estate-size signs advertising a product or service on the side of a road, or install large feather-style flags in front of their business to attract the attention of passing motorists. With the exception of actual real estate signs advertising property for sale or lease, these signs are prohibited by Brevard City Code.

Other Prohibited Signs

Other types of signs that are generally prohibited include those posted on utility poles, trees, fences, or other signs, signs creating a traffic hazard, signs within the public right of way, flashing or moving devices, off-premises advertising signs, and portable signs.

Sign Regulation Purpose

The purpose of sign regulation is to prevent dangerous conditions from occurring due to their size, location, construction, or manner of display or to mislead the public by causing confusion, or obstruct the vision necessary for traffic safety. The intent is also to support and complement land use objectives set forth in the zoning ordinance for the City of Brevard.

Exceptions & Exemptions

There are several exceptions, exemptions, and types of signs that are allowed without permits. For example, "No Trespass" or "Warning" signs are exempt from permitting requirements. Other signs, including those on or behind window glass, private traffic signs, or commemorative plaques do not require permits but are limited in size or location. Most notably are political signs in state rights-of-way which are allowed by the NC Department of Transportation during the period beginning on the 30th day before the beginning date of "one-stop" early voting under G.S. 163-227.2 and ending on the 10th day after the primary or election day. Persons may place political signs in the right-of-way of the State highway system as provided in G.S. 136-32 and must be removed by the end of the period prescribed in the statutes.

Reporting Violations

To report a potential violation please submit an online complaint, call, or write to the Planning Department. Penalties for violations vary, and are utilized as a last resort, but can range from $50 to $500 per day. Most violations are simply from a lack of understanding of the rules and can be addressed quickly and easily without the need for penalties.