Property Information

Please use the following information sources to learn about properties in Brevard and Transylvania County.

Transylvania County GIS

The Transylvania County GIS is an interactive web-based Geographic Information System that can be used to locate properties by owner, address, and PIN. You can turn on the various data layers to view information such as flood data, zoning, and water and sewer lines. Use the "Identify Features" tool to bring up attribute information for individual parcels.

Register of Deeds

To search historic deed records, you can visit the Register of Deeds at 20 East Morgan Street or call 828-884-3162. Many deed records are now searchable online at the Transylvania Deeds website.

City Planning Department

Contact the City of Brevard Planning Department at 828-885-5630 for information about zoning districts and development regulations within the City's jurisdiction.