Special Waste Collection

Free Yard Waste Collection

Free yard waste collection includes grass and tree trimmings, hedge clippings, or any other lawn debris resulting from cleaning of property excluding tree trunks or stumps, and any items cut or cleared by a professional landscape gardener, tree surgeon, or other party hired for such work. Small items such as pine cones, walnut shells, or leaves may be bagged for removal. Sanitation crews collect these items curbside, and you do not have to call for this service; simply place your items curbside. Do not place any items on water meters, valves, or storm drains.

Free Leaf Collection

Loose Leaf Collection

Annual leaf collection is provided curbside in the fall usually beginning in mid-October through December. Rake leaves to the curb without blocking any water meters, valves, or storm drains.

Bagged Leaf Collection

Bags are collected year-round for free. Place curbside and call 828-884-2171, Option 4, for collection.

Residential Electronics Collection

Electronics such as computers, televisions, telephones, stereos, radios, etc. will be collected for residential customers as follows:

  • Computers, stereos, radios, telephones - free
  • All televisions - $15 per item

Special Collection Items

Special collection items such as household junk, furniture, appliances, toys, clothing, etc. will be collected within 3 business days if placed curbside and payment of $50 is made at the City of Brevard Water Department. Single items may be collected for $20.

Special collections do not include any material used in construction, remodeling, wrecking, or repair of any building or real estate improvements including carpet. No automotive parts, fluids, or tires will be collected.

Prohibited Waste

Any liquid, ashes, flammable or explosive materials, paint, lead acid batteries, tires, oil, antifreeze, dead animals, human or animal waste, industrial chemicals, or any other hazardous waste is strictly prohibited. Collection will be denied for any such waste found curbside. If in doubt, please call 828-884-2171, Option 4, for information.


Fees are collected at the Brevard Water Department located at 95 West Main Street.