Know your Risk

Identifying Your Risk

If you would like to know if your property is located in a floodplain area, you may call the City of Brevard, Planning Department at 828-885-5630. Before you call, please make sure you know the property identification number (PIN) for the property. You can obtain the PIN either from your property tax statement or by calling the Transylvania County Tax Assessor's Office. The Planning Department staff will be able to tell you if your property is located in a flood prone area identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). They will also be able to make recommendations on whether you should obtain flood insurance. The City Planning Department also keeps Elevation Certificates for post-FIRM structures within its jurisdiction and these can be made available upon request.

Even if you are not located in a FEMA designated flood area you may still have some risk associated with flooding. Any resident of the City of Brevard is eligible to obtain flood insurance.

Find your house and know your risks with the new Flood Risk Information System (FRIS).

Reducing Your Risk

Once you have determined that your property is at risk to flood damage there are several things you can do. You may choose to buy flood insurance. As part of new construction, you may also choose to elevate any structures located in the floodplain. Other methods of reducing your risk include flood-proofing any structures in the floodplain. Some really good information about preparing your family for a flooding event is available online.

Flood Protection Assistance

The City of Brevard Planning Department offers one-on-one advice about property protection (such as retrofitting techniques and drainage improvements). If you would like additional information about reducing your risk from flooding, contact the City of Brevard Planning Department at 828-885-5630.