Ordinances, Resolutions & Proclamations

2019 Ordinances

2019 Resolutions

  1. Res 2019-01 Awarding Badge and Service Sidearm to Vince Stone
  2. Res 2019-02 Authorizing Municipal Agreement RRFB at Crosswalks
  3. Res 2019-03 Modifying the Membership Structure of the Housing Trust Fund Committee
  4. Res 2019-04 Directing the City Clerk to Investigate Sufficiency for Annexation-Duenes
  5. Res 2019-05 Delegating Authority to Execute Acceptance and Dedicatioin of Easements and Rights of Way
  6. Res 2019-06 Resolution of Respect and Appreciation of Heath Seymour
  7. Res 2019-07 Adopting a Coimplete Streets Policy
  8. Res 2019-08 Authorizing Application for SRF Loan Funding for the Design and Construction of Gallimore Sewer Basin
  9. Res 2019-09 Supporting Application for a BUILD Grant for the Construction of the Downtown Master Plan
  10. Res 2019-10 Accepting State Grant for Water Intake Rehabilitation and Stream Restoration
  11. Res 2019-11 Approving Financing Terms (Capital Equipment)
  12. Res 2019-12 Directing the City of Brevard Tax Collector to Collect Taxes for the City of Brevard
  13. Res 2019-13 Directing the Tax Collector Not to Collect Ad Valorem Taxes When the Original Principal Amount Due is Five Dollars or Below
  14. Res 2019-14 Authorizing Tax Collector to Adjust Small Underpayments and Overpayments of Property Tax
  15. Res 2019-15 Approving Financing Terms Large Radio Read Meters
  16. Res 2019-16 Accepting the Donation of Silversteen Park and Parking Lot from Bethel A Baptist Church to the COB
  17. Res 2019-17 Resolution Accepting the Donation of Land from Hospital Corporations of Amercia to the City of Brevard to be used as a Dog Park
  18. Res 2019-18 Rrevision and Update of the Citys Signatory and Disbursement Resolution Approving Employees to Sign Checks and Disburse Funds
  19. Res 2019-19 Revising and Updating the Signatories of City Officials Authorized to Use the Community Bank Credit Cards
  20. Res 2019-20 Fixing a Date of Public Hearing on the Question of Annexation-Duenes
  21. Res 2019-21 Authorizing Acceptance of an Easement for the Bike Hike Path
  22. Res 2019-22 Resolution by Governing Body of Applicant Kings Creek Waterline Project
  23. Res 2019-23 Accepting the Donation of Land from Transylvania County to the City of Brevard to be used as a Connection to Estatoe Trail
  24. Res 2019-24 Resolution Approving Property Tax Releases
  25. Res 2019-25 Resolution Directing the City Clerk to Investigate Sufficiency-Trans Historical Society
  26. Res 2019-26 Resolution Approving Property Tax Releases, September
  27. Res 2019-27 Resolution Opting Out of the County Flat Fire Tax

2019 Proclamations

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