Community Appearance Committee

  • 12:00 noon
  • The 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • City Hall Administrative Conference Room
    95 West Main Street
Committee Description
The Commission possesses only the powers of recommendation and persuasion to accomplish its goal of enhancing and improving the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the city. The Community Appearance Commission works in partnership with the Planning Board by adding specific knowledge and experience in the area of aesthetics. The Commission serves as a catalyst that encourages community involvement in improving the visual aspects of our environment and preserving its natural beauty.

The purpose of having a Community Appearance Commission is:
  • To call to the attention of city officials the needed enforcement of any ordinance that may in any way affect the appearance of the city
  • To initiate, promote, and assist in the implementation of programs of general community beautification in the City of Brevard
  • To prepare plans for the improved appearance of both public and private property within the city and to review these plans and make recommendations to the appropriate agency
  • To provide leadership and guidance in matters of community design and appearance
  • To seek to coordinate the activities of any person or group, public or private, whose plans, activities, or programs have an impact on the appearance of the city
  • To study the visual characteristics and problems of the city and to recommend standards and policies of design
How They Can Help
  • Consulting the Commission while in the preliminary planning stages of your project can lead to a smoother working relationship with the Planning Office and Planning Board.
  • Professionals and other interested parties are available to assist you on a volunteer basis.
  • The Commission can help interpret the city's Master Plan as it relates to your project.
  • The Commission is available to consult with you prior to new construction or renovation. Aspects such as site plan, landscape plan, architectural style, signage, or traffic and parking might be considered.
  • The Commission is available to provide a fresh perspective on the appearance of your existing property to make it more inviting to customers and clients.