Boards & Committees

  1. ABC Board

    The ABC Board has the powers and duties imposed by State Law G.S. 18B-701 to review the business operations of the local ABC Stores in keeping with the NC State Alcohol Beverage Commission operation requirements.

  2. Board of Adjustment

    The Board of Adjustment hears special use permit requests, petitions for variances, and appeals of interpretations made by City zoning officials.

  3. Brevard Housing Authority

    Oversees the general operation of the Housing Authority following the guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  4. Community Appearance Committee

    The Community Appearance Committee reviews and submits recommendations on the design of building and landscaping plans for projects under construction, gives advice to property owners concerning treatment of historical and visual characteristics or properties, and proposes recommendations of City ordinances dealing with the visual appearance of the City.

  1. Council Committees

    These committees are composed of two City Council Members, relevant board representatives, and citizen representatives and are responsible for in-depth review of issues specific to their assigned topics and the recommendation of an appropriate course of action to the entire City Council based upon their research.

  2. Planning Board

    Prepares and manages comprehensive and coordinated plans for the physical development within the City and its ETJ. Reviews and advises Council on land development proposals, zoning text amendments, rezoning applications, annexations, planned development districts, and long range studies and plans.

  3. Terrell L. Scruggs Scholarship Committee

    Brevard City Council established the Terrell L. Scholarship fund in 2012 to assist students from Transylvania County Schools with college expenses.

  4. WCCA Board of Directors

    WCCA assists low income and under-served people in Transylvania, Henderson and Polk Counties. The City of Brevard has one representative on the Board.

Board and Committee Vacancies
City Council continuously seeks qualified individuals to serve on various City boards and committees. If you are interested in serving please complete the Board or Committee Application and submit it to the City Clerk.  For questions or more information contact the City Clerk at 828-885-5614.